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Build your Own Drone

Do you want to design, build and fly your own drone? This is your workshop!
We propose an activity made up of several sessions in which young people will carry out a real engineering creation process. The drone will be designed entirely through CAD programs and will be printed in 3D. It will be equipped with flight electronics so that theUAV flight is accurate and fun.
Once each team has designed, printed, assembled and programmed their drone; a flight skills competition will be celebrated, to see who is the best pilot in the school!

Main Objectives of the Workshop

  • Learn basic electronics concepts

  • Learn the basics of how drones fly

  • Learn how to use CAD (Computer Aided Design) and 3D printing tools

  • Learn parametric programming on flight controllers

  • Build and design your own drone

  • Learn to fly a drone

  • Fly the drone in a final obstacle course

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