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Talks and interactive workshops

We offer talks and workshops, which aim is to present some of the most impressive aerospace concepts in an interactive manner. The aim of this activity is to show all the interesting, attractive and encouraging facts of the aerospace engineering and STEM fields. Boosting, thus, the interest for STEM disciplines from a young age. These workshops aim to show the most cutting-edge parts of the aerospace field.

The following topics can be discussed in these conferences:

  • Introduction to the space and aerospace engineering world

    • Drones.

    • Introduction to what a UAV is and how they work.

    • Different styles of quadcopters exhibition.

    • Flight demonstrations and their characteristics.

    • Flight demonstrations with real-time image transmission.

    • Acrobatic flight demonstration.

  • Space module

    • Brief historical course of the most interesting elements of space exploration.

    • How a rocket works?

    • How does a High Altitude Balloon work and what are their components?

    • Earth observation test: assembling a stratospheric balloon.

    • Demonstration of a simulation of a launch of a stratospheric balloon.

    • Q&A to dicuss space-related doubts and concerns.

  • The history of the universe through meteorites​

    • We will show you an amazing collection of meteorites!

    • After that, we will study the types of meteorites and we will observe them in detail.

    • We will answer questions like... How did our solar system form? Or... what are planets?​

    • Presentation of pieces of the solar system through meteorites: What is an asteroid? And what are they made of?

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