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Opportunity: Re-entry capsule

One of the most important engineering challenges of the recent years has been the design of the Moon Lander, the Eagle: a capsule that had to safely land on the Moon's surface. We ask you to do the same: design a capsule so that an egg, thrown from high height, survives the impact of the ground.

We propose to design and build a capsule that, thrown from a very high height, survives the impact with the ground. 

The workshop is divided into 4 stages:

  1. On the first day, there will be a welcome session where we will present the astronauts and the theoretical bases necessary to build the re-entry capsule. 

  2. After that, you will deliver the manufacturing drawings and you will have to order the materials nthat you have selected for your design (you'll only have 30 tokens!)

  3. After the construction phase, you will need to submit a video explaining why your design is the best!

  4. Finally, we will do a launch day to test your designs. 

Re-entry capsule: The activity

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